November 05, 2008

Happy for the United States of America

Tonight Obama won the US election and people are celebrating all over this planet. Many are beaming with hope and Jesse Jackson had tears in his eyes when he learned of Obama's victory. People are yearning for the unifying force this first black man in the White House can be. They expect him to fulfill his promises and are enthusiastic about his personality. I am also genuinely impressed and content with McCain's way of bearing his defeat like the good man he is, aparting himself from the division his campaign created during the last months. This is a very good day for all of us!

As the pundits on TV already discuss what Obama's first steps as president should be, I leave you with the videos of the speeches of those two different but equally interesting people.


Esfand` said...

yea, I am happy for America too!

Lets see how this turns out :) I wish this really be it, that things start going right again!
I have always liked Obama ever since the start of the campaigns, and I realy wanted to see this day! :) It really was unimmaginable a year ago!

I want to see a better future!! Like every one else ... and I feel that Obama being elected in it self was a big Big thing!

Robert said...

Yes, I really think this is special. I just trust this guy and hope the system be kind to him ;)

It's an exciting time and the world once more looks to the USA for something good and not for bad news.

I wish you a great Sunday, friend Esfand :)