December 14, 2008

Yippieh, it's winter

Enjoy the season everybody!
This one is especially for you, Nazy!


Leila said...



Anonymous said...

It is me,
a lonely woman
at the doors of a cold season,
and discovery of soiled soul of the earth,
sad despair of the sky,
and inability of my frozen hands.
Perhaps truth was those young hands,
They are now buried under the unending blow of snow.
But when spring makes love
to the blue reflection of sky
and green stream of fresh grass
flows in its veins
they will flourish, my beloved,
my sole beloved.
Let’s believe in the beginning of the cold season...

(Forough Farokhzad)

Robert said...

@Leila: glad you like my piece of art. first snow woman of my creation ;)

@Parinaz: Thank you for that poem! The way I see it all the joy of spring is already under that snow and my snow figure lives it, in its own way :)

JoTuss said...

Huiuiuiuuuuuuuuiiii! Is it your mum?! ;-)

Robert said...

Any similarity with existing people is mere coincidence and was not intended by the author ;)

Nazy said...

Dear Robert:

I love your snow-woman! She is so fun and so loving! Heeh! This is great! I love her hair, the dazzling smile, and the arms that are about to give a warm hug irrespective of the temperature! Good going my friend and thank you!

Hyacinth said...

Robert, I saw this picture on Nazy's website and it's just awesome! Love it! Now, are you going to make a snow man to keep her company? Maybe some little snow children and a snow dog?

Thanks for the smile :)

Robert said...

I am grateful for the appreciation and glad I made some people smile! The rest of the snowfamily will at least have to wait until the next good snowfall to come into being :)
If you have snowpeople of your own, be sure to let me see them ;)
*hug* Rob

maryam said...

más que nada y nadie se parece a ti mismo. en serio. ese pelo, es tuyo. tiene tu sonrisa y lleva tu bufanda...yo lo veo como un principito encarnado en un muñequito de nieve.

Esfand` said...

WOW!!! Amazing!!

So cuteeee! :)