March 18, 2009

Marhaba, travellers

Halfway into my great trip to Spain an Morocco I am happy and relaxed and so in love with travelling :-)

Today it is Fez for me, my friends and random traveller connaissances from Spain and Germany. We have been sleeping on hostel rooftops the last two nights in warm sleeping bags and blankets for 30 Dirham (less than 3 Euros). We have eaten well and are about to head South to Marrakech across the Atlas mountains at the border to the desert. The people and the language are wonderful, interesting. The tourist guides are less unnerving than the last time, when the hasslers almost got to me with their pushing from one shop to another.

When I get a chance I will put some pictures in my album which I have no chance for now.

Hope everybody is happy, wherever you are right now! Your place is as good as any to remember how great a planet this is :-)


Parinaz said...

Dear Robert

I am so glad that you are enjoying yourself! I've been to some Arab countries before and I have enjoyed my time over there...

Hope you will have even more fun on your way to Spain!

Be happy.

Robert said...

Parinaz jaan,

thank you for your warm words :)

Morocco really has been a revealing an beautiful experience for me and I plan on seeing more of the (Arab) world.

I wish you a wonderful spring and belated Noruz mobarak!

Take care, Robert