October 28, 2009

Not exactly myself

ARIES (March 21-April 19): You may be as flooded with briny emotion as a Pisces on a meandering binge. You might be as embedded in a labyrinth of your own creation as the Geminis who verge on being too clever for their own good. You may be as cagey a listener as a Scorpio who's searching for a hidden vulnerability in an ally. In other words, Aries, you're not exactly yourself. But it's one of those rare times when that's a good thing. Halloween costume suggestion: the opposite of what you think you


What I think I am, you ask? Well, there is a lot to that question and I could think of long and detailed answers. Would any of it have to do with reality? I couldn't say, probably not.


Leila said...

Nice costume suggestion!

Esfand` said...


Means I should have dressed up as an angel? :p Though I felt like dressing up as a devil :D
but then I didn't get any costume at the end :p

Robert said...

My halloween has not been very costumey at all. The concept really is pretty interesting though. Dressing up is already about changing yourself, but usually people don't stray far from their dream identity, right? So if I wanna be an angel, maybe a devil is close. If I wanna be a angely spirit a solid dirty rock costume might be close to the opposite, too. Anyway no crossdressing for me this year. I just enjoyed stories of how a friend scared some teenagers by making faces back at them :D

PS: Blogger word verification: "singl" really?! ;)