January 29, 2010

Weird or just different?

Obviously I haven't been very active, blog-wise, in the last few weeks, so I am going to post twice today to make up for it :)

I just saw this great video. It's funny and at the same time makes a very important point which I think is relevant to all aspects of life.

So try out the lesson learned from the clip "The opposite may also be true" and then assess your political, ideological, religious or opinions about the right lifestyle.

If you are like me (and most other people in my experience) you probably think that you are quite right in what you assume about the world. In fact most of your knowledge is never ever questioned. As soon as you have made yourself an opinion, you regard that as the viewpoint from which all other opinions are to be judged.
But what if you're wrong? What if you dismiss a correct or equally (!) correct notion, just because you limited your mind - unconsciously or consciously - to what you hold to be possible.

Personally I take from this a reminder not to be judgemental and act from a position of not wanting to destroy others' opinions. Instead I try questioning all of them, first of all my own. The openness that comes with this approach hopefully makes me a lot less prone to conflict. (And what if the opposite of that is also true?)


Leila said...

Perhaps the greatest advantage in my life is that I've grown up a liberal in a conservative society. In that environment you can either learn to hate or learn to love! :-D Maybe you should set your navigational beacon to somewhere uncomfortably conservative. Who knows? :-)

Robert said...

Haha, are you inviting me to Tennessee?! ;-) The experiment could definitely teach me something (though I prefer the learning to love over the alternative).
BTW Thanks for telling me about that Dan Carlin guy some time ago. I got around to listening to his show and found it quite interesting, without agreeing on many points, but I am positive I learnt from him :)