September 07, 2010


ARIES (March 21-April 19): My friend Alana suffered from a mysterious ailment for months. Symptoms included vertigo, stomach pains, and numbness in her legs. After being treated unsuccessfully by six health care practitioners, both mainstream and alternative, she went to see Dr. Ling, a Chinese herbalist recommended by a friend. Ling was a dour woman who made no eye contact. Her office was dingy, cramped, and windowless. Alana felt a bit depressed by the visit. Yet when she took Dr. Ling's herbs, she felt better. In three weeks she was cured. The moral of the story, Aries: The restorative agent you need may not come in the most inviting form.

Three weeks from now, my final exams begin. I have been stringing along a lot of necessary preparations, studying on and off for some time and without great impulse. I know that even without the best preparation I won't fail completely, but I won't be satisfied with the results. Everybody who talks to me these days, please give me a guilty conscience for not studying hard enough. I will need it to make this work! Strange how my motivation works! Obviously what I need is not coming in a very inviting form, but I know I will feel better come December...

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