May 15, 2011


In keeping with my blog's name and my personal philosophy I would like to suggest you watch 8 minutes of scientific facts that should convince even the most hard-core frowner to smile more often:

Among many people I know it is already common knowledge that smiling is good for you. I have embraced this wisdom long ago and friends sometimes doubt that I am ever not smiling and cheerful. However there are difficult times and sad situations, when I feel my face go a little droopy, tired, or sad. Gladly the people close to me always lend me a smile whenever I run out. So if you are currently in need of inspiration to smile, try these two previously posted videos that always help me: here and here.

And if you think spreading joy and happiness around you is not a sufficient argument to smile, maybe business success will convince you. My recommendation is to re-read Dale Carnegie's long time bestseller "How to Win Friends and Influence People" :)

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