October 16, 2008

Back on track

I have been going through a phase of utter unproductiveness. And if I say that I mean that I even passed entire days not leaving my flat. I just had no surge of energy that would lift me up and carry me to all the things I would like to do. Then I found out that my failure at law meant that I would not be able to continue studying that subject, so something had to be done. And I did!

Now I study Spanish linguistics, which has been within the range of my interests for a while (at least the Spanish part, being quite ignorant on the topic of linguistic theory, did you know that there was such language as the one called Dolomite's Ladinian?). So this week apparently has been busy so far and I spent hours in the library, which has not seen much of me over the last year to be honest.

What are those phases when you decide to get up and get stuff done and you simply do it without bothering and without tiring, and the next time you find yourself in that big hole that kind of absorbs all your energy and will power and makes you lie around like some useless couch potato? I feel that it is of no avail to question this too much, because those phases always pass. Accepting the phase and seeing it as it is, temporary, helps me feel better while unproductive. But there is guilt in me, a bad conscience and fear for my future if I don't get certain things done in time. But hey, I just gave up part of my studies and am a lot happier than before :) You see, one never knows what anything is good for.

Enjoy your days, whether you are currently hardworking or slacking off! May you all have the energy and inner peace you need :)

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