May 31, 2009

Information overflow

Once again I have been collecting stuff on the internet that I found funny, things that made me thoughtful and in general things that I would like to share. Come with me on a short tour and feel free to comment :) (btw the comic above is purely random *g*) To all images applies "click-to-enlarge".

This picture of worldwide airline connections by Mario Freese has impressed me greatly because I like to be reminded of the busy web that is the earth.

Lately in the cafeteria of my university I was asked once again if I wanted to test a newspaper without any charge for two weeks. I was half way through signing up for it, when I realized that I actually do read three newspapers on the internet per day ^^

This quite intelligent chart shows the respective probability of different consequences of a decision for accepting same sex marriage. It's pretty drastic ;-)

This comic here made me thoughtful about how we see people differently when they are close to us. And it makes me wonder how we would treat others if we felt they were all family and actually taking care of us...

If you did not catch the story in my recommendations box to the right, I suggest you read it here: FBI terrorist interrogator on the uselessness of torture and the efficacy of cookies. I find it a brilliant example of how kindness is a stronger weapon than aggression.

Let me end on a smiling note :) Be happy everybody!


Sebastian said...

Nice collection!

I like the graphic showing the effect of gay marriages!!

Overflow in which sense?

Robert said...

: ) thanks for the comment. I guess overflow is what I find in my nets after a long day surfing the internet. Articles that have not been processed, links that I saved because I liked them.

Watch out for my recommendations box, there is so much intelligent stuff out there I wanna share ;)


Robert said...

Oh, and this one also. it's a recurrent theme ;)