May 13, 2009

On Judgement

Feeling pretty thoughtful these days, in spite of sun and a load of work about interesting sociological (theory of crime) and political (German foreign policy) topics. And one of the questions on my mind is about judgement, as in judging people.

As often said I try to be an open person withholding judgment on situations or people, if I can, so that I can see what's really going on. But sometimes I can't help it, I just speak, act, even hurt. Of course it is not helpful to react to every bad mood, to every bad hair day someone else is having. I know a lot about it, but when emotion is involved other rules apply and the game changes. Those are the moments one should step back and try empathy, and if you still feel justifiable anger, step back one more step and think if expressing this anger is the right course of action.

Funny thing that an all but choleric person like me should worry about getting angry, but I guess "we are only what we hate".
And then, on the other hand I think, other people should be empathetic of me, too. They can see as well as I that I am angry, hurt or just tired. Am I giving enough insight in my mind? I believe we all have the gift of seeing into other people's emotions though most of us do it subconsciously. Having said that probably the only thing to do is being expressive about what one feels without being entirely caught up in it. I will keep on trying...

My horoscope

ARIES (March 21-April 19): "Some people will never learn anything because they understand everything too soon," wrote Alexander Pope. Most of us have been guilty of that sin: jumping to conclusions so quickly that we don't bother to keep listening for the full revelation. My sense is that this behavior has become even more common in recent years because we're inundated by fragments of slapdash information mixed with blips of superficial analysis and echoed hearsay. But please avoid falling prey to the syndrome in the coming week, Aries. More than ever before, you need to gather raw data thoroughly, weigh the evidence with great deliberation, and come to careful understandings.


Maryam said...

Sabes, lo bueno de todo esto, de todas estas experiencias que tenemos durante la vida es que nos ayuda a autocriticarnos, a analizar nuestros comportamientos cada vez que ocurre algo similar. En mi opinión, cada persona puede tener un mal día o un mal momento, que puede decir o hacer cosas que se arrepentirá más tarde. Lo importante es ser consciente de ello, pensarlo bien y abiertamente en cuanto se clame. Así uno en su soledad si sea bien sincero/a llega a buenas conclusiones. creo yo.
Lo malo es que puede que alguna vez la herida o el daño que causamos no sea curable.
Espero que no sea así. Mucha suerte con tu presentación. Ciao.

Robert said...

Sí, tienes razón, como dice la canción de Bebe "que hay daños que te enseñan a crecer". Es como lo veo también. No hay buenas o malas experiencias, sólo experiencias. Y todo se cura con el paso del tiempo, es cierto. Gracias por el comentario, ciao