April 14, 2010

100th post

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Photons work hard to get from the heart of the sun to the surface. They can take up to 160,000 years to complete the 400,000+-mile journey. And yet once Earth-bound photons get topside, they travel the 93-million-mile distance to our planet in just over eight minutes. I foresee a metaphorically similar situation unfolding in your life in the coming weeks. A development that has been a long time in the making will accelerate tremendously in its last phase of ripening.

Today my new (thesis themed) lifestyle choices come into effect. I have been travelling and catching my breath before this task ahead and I feel ready to get some structure into my daily life. Today is a day full of energy, people want the best for me and wish me success with what I am doing and where I am going on my journey. I am grateful and will try to remind myself of that every once in a while.

Let me return you some of that positive energy and wish you all the best for my 25th birthday :)

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