April 02, 2010

De vuelta

I am on my way back home. In Lisbon I fell sick one day before I had planned to leave. So I spent the day - instead of sightseeing outside - in bed, or rather between the bathroom and my bed. Lucky guy that I am, I had made friends with a German couple of my age who were well equipped with travel medicine and helped me out when I was feeling the worst. Thanks again Michel and Alex!
Now, few days later I have my old strength back and am enjoying the company of good friends from my time in Spain. My Chinese flat mate from back then cheered me up when the procession of the Semana Santa in Jaén had to be canceled because of the miserable weather and now I am in Ciudad Real.
It's my first time to really get to know La Mancha, land of Don Quijote, where he fought windmills. Yesterday I got a great tour of the nearby National Park "Tablas de Daimiel" by a colleague of my friend here. Our guide was so well informed it was a wonder he had never studied for this, but I guess 49 years living in the area and loving this place more than anything made him the perfect expert to follow.
The last weeks have been so dense with experience that I can't imagine how it all fit into so few days. I feel so fulfilled and contented that I can feel no regret to return home and let it all rest in me and nourish me during the paper writing that lies ahead. Taste for the good life, I can live it no other way :)


Daisy said...

"Taste for the good life, I can live it no other way". well said!

Robert said...

Jimmy Buffett put it that way first, so let the credit be his for finding the right words :) Thanks for leaving a trace, Daisy!