January 26, 2011


I have landed in Atlanta, both physically and mentally. The journey was ok, with only a slight delay due to de-icing at Munich airport. I watched the Last Airbender movie on the plane and had a good chat with a Turkish father on his way to a poultry trade fair, who was sitting next to me. We arrived well on time.

On the train across town I met two Southerners who had been hosting international students in the past and were very interested to learn about couchsurfing. Also, if I should ever hike the Appalachian trail, I will show up at their Inn in Damascus, Virginia.

Just so you get a feel of the surroundings I tell you about Tyrone, who was on the phone with several girls while I was on the bus. He was 'sweet-talkin'' them into letting him take them out, but unsuccessfully. He did not let it spoil his mood and even showed me a picture of one of his targets, a pretty lady. While talking to the bus driver about where to get off, a woman who had served in the miliary and had once been stationed in Germany joined the conversation and shared some of her German with us. So far, there wasn't a single place where I did not strike up some kind of interesting conversation. And this was only the journey to where I am sitting right now.

After a change of plans yesterday I was taken in by a nice couchsurfer who offered me not only a place for the night, but entertainment at a couchsurfer meeting to fight the jetlag, The motto was a "soup party", so everybody had brought different kinds of soup. "Broccoli, garlic, onion" was one of my favorites, as was "chipotle, quinoa". The crowd was international and interesting. This was much for a first half day, but I wanted to report before it faded in the background of all that is to come! The adventure has begun :)


Grumpy smurf said...

Dear Robert, great! I love those small stories and great experiences on the road...they give a life super positive tone.
I hope you will only have positive and sunny experiences during your life! Enjoy and post more wonderful and positive posts!

Sebastian said...

I second the positive Grumpy smurf. Plus I'm happy to hear from you, glad to hear you arrived safely and that you enjoyed the first couch. Don't hesitate to upload more pictures, say on Picasa or some such.

Warm hugs from Malawi,

Robert said...

I have now uploaded pictures that are running through the slideshow on the upper right corner. Feel free to click on them to find the album. Enjoy :)

@smurfette: I try to give all my experiences that positive undertone, and am glad you enjoy my perspective. I will keep the little stories coming as I go along on my trip.