January 10, 2011

Home is wherever I'm with you

While leaving behind this city, slowly moving back in with my parents, and with my upcoming trip to the United States in mind, I have been thinking about what "home" means to me. For a long time now I have been using that word for both my childhood home and my flat in Augsburg. Of course I am gonna miss this place. It has been my very own shelter and a place of calm and warmth for five years now.
But the feeling it's not just about this place, more about the memories and people that are connected with the time I spent here. In the movie Garden State, Zach Braff talks about family as "a group of people who are missing the same imaginary place". Yes, in this sense, Augsburg has been my home, as there will always be people who will be missing this same imaginary place. The most important friends won't disappear from my life, while some others will go their own ways again, just like I am doing, maybe connecting from time to time somewhere out in the world. And there will always be some true friends, who I will share my life with, and who will find me wherever I go just as I will find them. I wish that all of you have such people that feel like home to you!

Enjoy a beautiful cover version below of this beautiful song called Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros:


Anonymous said...

:D Thats sooooOOOOO sweet!!!
Ich wünsche dir -in mehr oder weniger- ferner Zukunft auch so eine Zuckerschneckentochter!

Ich werd dich vermissen Sonnenschein!

"A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles." (Tim Cahill)

Lass es krachen!
Dani M.

Grumpy smurf said...

Dear Robert,
I know how you feel (since I am myself nomadic creature as well and missing lots of places I called home).
Hope you will have super nice time in US and lots of wonderful new friends.
Viel Spaß und alles Gute!

Robert said...

Hehehe, danke. Ja, die ist echt süß. Ich hol mir bei dir sicher auch gelegentlich ein bisschen Sonnenschein ab, wenn ich mal wieder vorbeischaue :)

@Grumpy smurf
Thanks for your wishes! May you find peace while wandering :) The beautiful thing about shared memories is that they are not lost as easily as places that just lose their meaning over time. I hope to find many different homes, old and new, out there on my journey...
Take care, danke und bis bald :)