June 05, 2008


I would like to talk about relationships. I don't know if I am qualified by experience to talk about relationships, but then everything is relative and my experience probably is not so different from that which many of you share.

I do not believe in the one true love, but I absolutely do believe in true love. How is that, you ask, and I answer: I have experienced it myself and especially know that I have felt it (may I say feel it?). This is the strongest guarantee one can have, don't you think?

Every time I fell in love it was like a moment of becoming conscious, a moment of starting to be aware that there is something big to come and most of the time it really scared me. When awareness gradually develops and at the same time it becomes clearer and clearer that one's feelings are reciprocated, slowly life becomes more and more enveloped in this exciting new way of thinking. One goes out of one's way to stay true to this newly found love, to see how it grows and where it will all lead, in spite of the fear.

When days and months go by, this flower blooms and fear subsides. It makes way for pure joy and a feeling that the world is good and that there are no mistakes, only wrong turns that lead to something special and finally get you in a direction that is not worse than any of the directions you took before.

But nothing lasts forever. People and lives change, you never know when will be the next turn of the tide and fear may gradually spring again. It is the other side of the medal when little by little you notice that a relationship is ending... or changing. I have ended relationships in the past and it has never been easy. Most of the time I never even felt it was right, I just knew it rationally and over time everything came to me.

But humans are creative and people learn, so who can say what you find in your heart the next time you look? Maybe you become aware of something big...


Parinaz said...

you described love very delicately! and that's true! Love is a mixture of different feelings which you can never count.
I am still wondering if such a feeling can last forever or not! Some people believe that when you say you have loved someone for
your whole life, you are wrong and in fact, you have just got used to be with someone you once used to love!
But as you said, who knows...

By the way; Hello stranger!
Nice to meet you here.

Esfand` said...

=) yeah... this reminds me of the fact ... some time back when I was really in love, not that I am not now ... I am always in love :D but back then the feelings and emotions were being reciprocated, I heard this song from pink, which says 'who knew' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJmghwq7k2I
and I was afraid when I heard this song... coz this was not the first time that I was in love, and so I knew how it goes... but still everytime ... we say 'forever' I say 'forever' every single time I am in love... I say, 'I will love you forever'.... and actually I do, so every break up takes a part of me away ... but then ... when I heard this song back then ...I was like, its one good song, but I dont want to listen to it... although it was in my play lists ... and eventually I did listen to it again and again ... but it was only when I broke up, after a couple of months later that I realized, how effectively I was able to block all such feelings away, keep my self in a state of denial...
Yes true, love is one of the most irrational of the feelings/emotions that exists... but its beautiful ... and I still believe that there is this 'forever' ...and there is this thing 'i will love u forever' its just a matter of finding some one right :D or some one with whom u just get to stick with 'forever'

but still who knows :)
all I know is that I want to believe it to be like this... coz I dont just want to distribute all my love to every single one I get to be with :P

Have a superb weekend! and i like ur blogs title :D
and the slide show!
its awesome! :)

Robert said...

@ parinaz
Thank you for your comment : )
Just this by Andy Warhol

I know perfectly what you mean by love that takes a part of you away, although to me it feels more like a part that I won and can never lose again. Time in relationships can do strange things, fly swiftly or creep slowly, sooner or later, everything changes and I for my part always assume it will be for the better... Have a wonderful day!