June 14, 2008


A view on the situation between the Iran and the United States of America by a well known American public comentator Noam Chomsky

There are more parts to this interview, but I just wanted to emphasize this one, because I think he says some most important things that not only apply to this current situation, but could be a model to healthier international relations. People think pretty similarly in such very different countries such as the US and Iran. We should think more about the people when we think of other states and take public opinion into consideration before we judge the whole country. How many have heard of Iranian reformists and fighters for democracy outside Iran and the better informed intelectuals across the globe?

I quote the interview above: "Can we do anything to help Iran to become a functioning democracy? Answer is: yes we can! We could listen to the pleas of the very courageous Iranian reformers and democracy activists, who are pleading with the United States to call off the threats. That's people like Akbar Ganji, or Shirin Ebadi [...] they are saying: Drop the threats! And for a good reason, which we can all figure out. When you threaten a government it's gonna react."

Does it not make you more positive about the world that there are good people everywhere? Is it not worth to trust them instead of disregarding them and direct all your actions towards negative and aggressive people? My hope is that aggressive people will one day be less respected and that there will be more emphasis on helping the peaceful...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your positive look toward the peacful people around the world.
And of course every state consists of different kind of people with variety of political perspectives; what makes a country a State, is not only the governing layer, but also its different layers of live people and historical backgrounds which are mostly hidden behind the universaly political chaos.
I do agree with you;
We have to give our points of view a second thought.

Good luck

Esfand` said...

:D yey .... I most of the time like what the old man says :D tho I have to read more of him, coz we share some of the same traits :D lolz....

thanks for refreshing me, and reminding me of Noam. I agree with you and hope the same, that the agressors be shunned one day by the world, and people trying their best for the world peace using a sensible way 'of talking the things out' take over the leading role in our society.

Keep spreading the good my friend! :)