May 20, 2008

The Secret

In my old blog I once had mentioned a movie called "The Secret". Then and now it does something for me which is very necessary. It reminds me of the importance of being positive and dispense the very feelings I would like to receive. It motivates me to maintain a good mood especially on days that I find me in a somber state of mind. You may think about the movie whatever you like. It has a sensationalist air about it and I admit that it contains very little to no scientific proof, but still... It is a question of belief and personal experience! If you have made the experience that it serves you better to be positive and grateful in what you give and receive in life, or whether you have gotten into the habit of mourning and rueing decicions you made.

Most of the time I am positive now. I got back to my studies and have fun with friends and visit my brother and his girlfriend and always take my brand-new digital camera with me. Still, this life is not quite what it used to be. Or is it? Did the contrast to some months that basically felt like a large vacation make me miss something and now I discard the good life I have here?
Currently I definitely need a lot more reminding of being positive than I used to not long ago! This feels a bit like some days I spent in Germany immediately before leaving for Spain, when I could not wait to get away from it all.

Carrying these thoughts around with me, every now and then I reach the same conclusion: My life is changing rapidly and the next changes are already in sight. I should not be rash now, but patient and calm and grateful for my experience.

I just need to remind myself of that!

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