May 06, 2008

Changes in life

I have a cold! It is not a really bad one, but enough to keep me occupied with drinking tea and blowing my nose. Sitting in my room in Augsburg I watch movies and chat with friends and family. This day is to relax and cure myself!

These days I think a lot about how my life is changing. I just came back from a study abroad experience and I cannot but feel that I have changed during this time in Spain. Not just my hair is longer, but I have lived with interesting people in a shared house, learned a new language and, what is more, Spanish culture. What am I saying, I not only learnt about Spanish culture, but Chinese, American and Persian as well, so eventually I gained a different view on Germany.

Coming home is a very strange experience for me! It does not feel so much like home anymore as it did before. It is more like a place that I am intimately familiar with, because I spent my whole life here, but funnily I felt just as at home in Spain.
What makes the difference are the people, especially my family and very few close friends, that make it worthwhile to be here! Besides I have some felt obligations to my longterm career and life plans, that make it necessary to study some more :)

Maybe I am not meant to be at peace in one place for all of my life. The travelmania is in me and won`t leave me alone soon. Already I am planning two more trips this year, one of them to Spain! What that means for my studies? I guess I am doing what is necessary for my life, not for my CV...

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