August 28, 2008


I love to travel. It has become my favorite hobby and thinking about it, it might even be my favorite activity of all. I started early, getting familiar with the feel of other places under my parents guidance and for some time now I have been travelling on my own or with friends.

I have been so lucky to be able to spend some months living in Spain, where I met some of my best friends. Most of them share my passion for other countries and cultures and I have learned so much only by talking to them. I know that seeing the world today can be expensive, even if you are a backpacker or a pilgrim, because at least you should be able to afford leaving your home for some time, along with family, friends and a well-known environment. It is this cost that makes it hard and also very promising to spend time in other countries. So everybody should have the chance to go abroad at some point in his life. It does not matter much, how far you go, just that you are open to the differences that start beyond your personal horizon.

What I have learned is more than I could ever have experienced in a lifetime if I had spent it in one place. My life is rich because of the people I met and languages I have been able to practice, because of the lifestyles I adopted and opinions I have heard.

Travelling has rooted my credo deeply that openness is the key to a happy life. I will be leaving again for Spain tomorrow and see new places and people I have been missing. I am travelling with my companions to share experiences that are so important to friendship.

I will leave you with these two videos made by ex-videogame-programmer Matt Harding who took all his spared money to travel the world and became an internet legend that warms my heart :)

At least as good: the outtakes made after his second video, which was sponsored by a chewing gum company :)


Esfand` said...

hey my traveller friend! :)

This was a great post! I agree that travelling all around the world, meeting new people, venturing in new cultures and sharing, talking, learning from them makes us understand our similarities... how similar we our, as mankind, our needs, desires, wishes are the same all over the world ! :)

It does helps in buidling an open mindset and surely helps us live a better life :D
no wonder all the great people from ancient history were travellers in one way or anohter ...

This video was awesome! :D and I think u shud make one too :D
the dance was friking cute! the places he visited were amazing! I have a long long list of places that I wish or plan to visit ...

thanks for sharing! thanks for making me smile! and thanks for rekindling this interest of mine :D must travel :D

Have a safe and enjoyable journey!
I hope we hear from u in spain next time!

Parinaz said...

"…oh men! Travel to learn…"

Dear Robert; your interest in travelling is in all our natures. Man is restless; Man needs to go; man needs to experience… and you are so lucky that your schedules let you do it freely.
Since I was a little kid, I hoped to become a backpacker someday, stepping forward all the unknown in the world. But life is not always as favorable as you have it in your dreams…

Enjoy your journey to the fullest and send my love to all pretty things you see.

Maryam said...

Era super gracioso ese tío! Me ha encantado. Gracias por poner el enlace. Ojalá pudiera viajar la mitad de lo que ha hecho él!

Robert said...

I am glad you enjoyed the post :) Who knows what those ancient people were like who shared our common traveller nature. How long has consciousness of our basic unity been in this world? Maybe always? While I try to find out I will keep reading Eckhart Tolle and wish you an enlightened day :D
Be happy!