August 16, 2010

From my travels - London

So the last week was spent in London visiting friends and enjoying a little vacation time away from university. It's been very relaxing and real feel-good experience. My hosts here introduced me to a whole range of vegetarian meat substitutes that are really hard to find in Germany. Combined with the organic vegetables coming to their doorstep every week I was in culinary paradise :) As always the chats with my friend, solving riddles from simple logic to world politics have filled me with renewed motivation for studies and life. Seeing him prepare for a long stay in Africa has made me want to apply for volunteer work in the developing world as well. I know it will happen! Good times!

Apart from this nice home I shared I was also lucky to see the musical "Phantom of the Opera" and a great performance show called "Stomp", where a crew of eight give you a rhythmical massage and make you laugh. If you ever come to London, don't let the opportunity go by and spend at least one evening with the singers, actors and musicians. Always works to make me happy :)

For now it's back to work. Find me in the library, if you need me...

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