August 03, 2010

Next stage

So I handed in my final paper in sociology. Eighty-seven pages filled with insight on how social movements and the new technologies interact and where modern research is still lacking. The result is satisfying, at least in my eyes (advisors take their time). Now I can concentrate on the next stage, the final exams, that will complete my studies. In 3 months time I am graduating from university having reached the equivalent of what would be called a masters degree in the rest of the world.

So thoughts have started about what to do next. The rest of the world is where my attention is directed. I wanna get out there, do things, solve problems, meet interesting people and contribute to projects for the betterment of humanity. A broad vision, and one shared by many. Yet on how to put it into practice? Suggestions and job offers are welcome :)

During a quick brainstorming I can come up with a whole bunch of options. Should I become an interpreter for Portuguese or Spanish and go to Lisbon for a masters program? Would I be happy building houses in Peru or Ecuador for a development project? Maybe some internship at an international organization is more interesting and offers more perspective. Or is academia not so wrong for me after all, like in a doctorate in the United States or here in Germany? And what about that firm I am going to found with a friend? Is it going anywhere?

Quote found at Fanoos.

During these phases of insecurity in the face of life decisions, I try to look back as well as forward. In the past many decisions weren't active decisions at all. Some were made for me, not by anyone else, but simply by the lack of better options. Sometimes my vision changed when I found myself in different circumstances than I had planned. So with the confidence that looking back on today in ten years, I will be happy with my decision, I go ahead and just do the best I can!

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