August 01, 2010

How to be alone

It's been a while since I last posted something on here. There will be an explanation for that in the next post, so this one is reserved for another topic, one very dear to me.
Many people I have met feel the urge to always be among people. As a social person I get this feeling, too. The emptiness inside, the notion of drifting, fear of being abandoned, if one does not live up to the expectations of others to get back to them in emails or phone calls. Yes, I understand, but yet I have trained myself to be alone some times. If you have planned an evening by the lake and all the friends you've invited now have other plans, go anyway. I am happier that way.
So when I found this very original piece of art by Tanya Davis I was moved by the eloquence with which she expresses this way of life. Enjoy in silence and (preferably) alone!


Daisy said...

I don't know why this video didn't make me feel better. Maybe the thinking of practicing this forever frightened me :(

Robert said...

Dear Daisy,
Thank you very much for giving your thoughts! I understand that fear. But my experience teaches me that nothing lasts forever. People meet, inevitably, and they connect in some way or another. Sometimes the human interaction on a park bench, the casual chat with a dog owner, or the interchange of impatient looks in the queue behind a counter is enough. For me, being able to be alone means freedom. It does not mean I will or want to be alone forever. So I wish you a lot of safe havens where you can drop your anchor every now and then, when your lonely adventures have exhausted you. Be happy :) Rob

Daisy said...

Thanks Rob! I have to say it is very comforting to read your reply.