January 18, 2009

Engaged Filmmaking

Garbage Dreams A friend recommended this short film to me and I found it fascinating. Imagine how you can be so very passionate about garbage! These people in Kairo, the Zaballeen, are proud of their knowledge to recycle and of their service to the community. They seem like really happy people! They are going to suffer from the profit approach multinational corporations take to the business those people have been in for generations. Instead of thinking of ourselves and our economy as top notch we could choose to learn and ride the wave of development these people are generating...

By-standing: The beginning of an American Lifetime This one hit me especially, because it I think that the pain we suffer too often comes from our own complacency. It comes from our readiness to accept and tolerate the fate of others and our own. It comes from our helplessness while we deem ourselves to be progressive or green or pacifists: Are we not "people who think it's hip to be radical and don't strategize, vote or DO shit beyond talk"?

You see, sometimes I am so impatient. I tell myself to wait for my time to come, because tomorrow, with the right education and at the right age, when people start taking you more seriously, with a university degree and ideas and hopefully a job, THAT will be the time to DO something. What I am doing today, blogging about it, seems so much like just talk, no action. Yet...

... I am working on the building of global consciousness. I am trying to have people look at the problem and I am convinced that my contribution counts, or else I would not do it. I just appeal to all of you out there who read this, grab a shovel and plant a tree, spread happiness in your surrounding and further away, as far as you can reach. Be passionate about your life and know that you are in control, whatever your fears may tell you! I know you can. I know I can. And I will. Have a wonderful week!

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Esfand` said...

:) inspiring!! much needed!!
Thanks a lot!!!!!

yes you will, yes we will !!