January 11, 2009

A movie review

A blogger friend recently posted some movies that he liked in 2008. This reminded me of a movie that has touched a nerve with me and I would like to describe it to you, hopefully without spoiling it. I am talking about Vicky Cristina Barcelona, another masterpiece by Woody Allen.

The story is about two American girlfriends who are spending a summer in Barcelona. Vicky (Rebecca Hall) is about to get married, Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) just broke up with yet another boyfriend. "The two best friends had been close since college and shared the same tastes and opinions on most matters yet when it came to the subject of love, it would be hard to find two more dissimilar viewpoints."
They meet a painter, Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem), and later on his ex-wife María Elena (Penélope Cruz). "He had this hot divorce and she tried to kill him." Romance ensues and with it comedy and tragedy.

This study of happiness and love comes round full circle and on the way touches on some of the questions that probably move everybody in the course of their life. Difficult decisions to be made, the choice between passion and reason, the occasional backlapse after you've already decided, not knowing what you want and knowing what you don't want.

Here are some of many memorable quotes from the movie:

"Maria Elena used to say that only unfulfilled love can be romantic."

"I'm sure any dissatisfaction I have is my own problem."

"The dream is exciting."

"...a growing restlessness that she dreaded, but recognized only too well. Suddenly thoughts started taking precedence over feelings. Toughts and questions about life and love."

"I'm too scared."

The movie does not offer solutions, but after watching it I somehow realized that everybody's happiness is their own responsibility and it begins with being happy with what is and stop worrying about what might be. I shall leave it at that and hope all of you have a wonderful week and maybe go see the movie :)


Esfand` said...

:D fairies beneath the garden!

hehe... I am surely going to see this now ... n I am so afraid about what Maria Elena used to say; that only unfulfilled love can be romantic...

n so true !!! every ones happiness is ones own responsibility~

Esfand` said...

Have a wonderful day my friend!!!!