January 05, 2009

Life is in our hands

Nothing more important at the beginning of a new year than to make one thing perfectly clear: 2009 is ours to shape in a positive way! If we mess up, well, then it will be our problem for next year, and who wants that?! ;)

I just found this on a friend's blog and although I did not quite agree with the message at first I watched the whole two and a half minutes. And YES, what earth has to say is exactly my point.

I feel if we need to worry at all, we should be worried about our own fate, not the planet's. We need to start doing the things that are good for ourselves in the long run.
My suggestion: One less war would spare many lives. It would also mean one less argument against the rotten idea that we just can't live peacefully and have to fight for our lives...NOOO, we need to cooperate for our lives! Trust each other. Man is not only man's biggest enemy, but also man's biggest asset. If everybody on earth could see this truth we would start thinking of each other as partners for our common future. What we need for that is in us, the capacity to trust. Let this be my message for the new year: Give trust freely and be trustworthy yourself, the reward is mutual :)

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